Digital Bodies 
Concerning Bodily Structures

Market Stroll

Joanne Hastie


Market Stroll, Joanne Hastie  

Joanne Hastie's Market Stroll reminds us of the importance of interactions in real flesh. Much like Impressionists in their time, she takes us back to the rêveries of the urban flâneur – a walk into Bologna's market on a weekday morning. 


The artist, known for exploring the human-machine relationship, here employs machine learning (or CycleGANs more specifically) to inform the viewer of this scenery. Joanne Hastie underlines the quality of our bodily presence and the fantasy it carries in an increasingly digital world. Whether in the form of an avatar or real physique, the work shows how the body remains an essential interface for social and sensorial interactions.

Market Stroll, Joanne Hastie, 2019 



Classifier and a cycleGAN trained on Joanne's own painting style and then hand painted the results

24”x24” acrylic on canvas

Art courtesy: Joanne Hastie