Digital Bodies 
Concerning Bodily Structures


Hu Weiyi 


Flirt, Hu Weiyi 


Flirt, Hu Weiyi 

By connecting the bodies with a luminous wire, Flirt explores the amalgamation of human essence with the authority of the mechanical medium, challenging our understanding of physical and immaterial connections, relationships, and sensuality. 


The luminosity of the wire against the fleshy, glistening skin highlights the otherwise-intangible relationship between the people and their connection, or energy, that brings them together. The movement of the wire through the piece serves as a representation of their interlinked thoughts, feelings, and actions which, while penetrating the skin appears uncomfortable and almost violent, suggests a drawing-out of the present to savour the ongoing flow of communication and sensuality past the edges of the canvas.


We are acutely aware of the artificiality of the wire, due to its glow in bright neon colours. These vivid colours against the textures, colours, and softness of the subjects' skin evokes a sense of time through association, enhanced by the deep darkness of the background. 


Using wire, as opposed to cotton thread or other kinds of natural materials, suggests a submission to the machine which, as it weaves through the piece, appears to take on a life of its own. Its fluidity appears to lead the couple and their actions through the motions whilst instilling them with energy and vitality. This is further emphasised by the title, Flirt, which, with the wire, appears to suspend the couple in time, drawing out the tension within the scene without revealing what happens next.


The scene runs through the canvases and continues through a collection of inanimate objects of varying materials, in which Weiyi continues to explore textures and surfaces of hard and soft objects. These objects, which are linked with the wire, build a narrative around the couple, providing the viewer with certain associations to be able to draw their own conclusions on the intimate details of the relationship.

Flirt, Hu Weiyi 2014

Mixed media installation

Art courtesy DSL Collection