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Art Never Dies



Art Never Dies, Hackatao 

Art Never Dies GIF, Hackatao

Art Never Dies is inspired by the cyclical nature of art, indicated by the infinite cycle of completion and destruction of the piece to symbolise the process of being present, getting lost, to die, and to be reborn, with the creation of every new piece.


The skull bulges with small, graphite drawings that suggest an awakening consciousness through magic mushrooms, Shamanism, meditation, and mathematics. 


The artwork, therefore, is the product of automatic creation where ritual movements lead to streams-of-consciousness, emphasised by the mechanical, repetitive cycle of the opening and closing of the skull brought by the digital medium. 

Limited Edition

Art Never Dies, Hackatao, 2019

Giclée print using archival pigment inks on 330gsm Somerset paper

Limited edition print available at MoCDA: 237 x 237mm on 420 x 297mm paper


Art Never Dies, Hackatao 2019

Art Never Dies GIF, Hackatao 2019

Art courtesy: Hackatao