Digital Bodies 
Concerning Bodily Structures

La Verdad

  Frenetik Void 

La Verdad.jpg

La Verdad, Frenetik Void

La Verdad addresses themes of birth and rejuvenation through celestial colours and reflections in a tranquil landscape. This scene appears to be interrupted by a rush of pearlescent slime that cascades over a penguin skeleton to draw the eye to the baby in the bath, suggesting its sexual nature and as overt celebration of birth, life, and death.


Life appears as a blue heart in the lower bathtub which, alongside the metallic pipes of the shower and sterility of the surfaces, appears almost engine-like, giving the work a dark undertone. The body appears in stark physicality in this piece, either as a fleshy newborn child or as the bones of an animal, adding an element of tangibility to an otherwise mystical environment. 

La Verdad (The Truth), Frenetik Void, 2020

Art courtesy: Frenetik Void