Digital Bodies 
Concerning Bodily Structures

Mi Sombra

Frenetik Void 

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Mi Sombra, Frenetik Void

Mi Sombra portrays an isolated, hunched figure in the centre of the composition. The bright light appears to expose the figure, emphasising its vulnerability. The title suggests the shadow that dominates the image as a calm facial profile is that of the pink figure, demanding attention from both the central figure and the audience due to its size and unwavering focus.

Identity is questioned as we are met with three potential protagonists; the pink figure, the shadow, and the white figure crouching behind the wall. With the domineering size and angle of the shadow combined with the figure, or reflection, in white, Mi Sombra is full of suspense, emphasised by the sharp drop and exposing lucidity of the light across the scene.

Mi Sombra (My Shadow), Frenetik Void, 2019

Art courtesy: Frenetik void