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Capaz las Capas se me Escapan

Frenetik Void 

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Capaz las Capas se me Escapan, Frenetik Void

In Capaz las capas se me escapan, striking use of colour, texture, and layering forces the abstracted figure into focus, which appears to take the form of a bird’s head. The textures of the figure against the background appear kinetic, enhancing the feeling of unease when combined with the decapitated bird’s head and the soulless black-brown pool that takes the form of a soulless eye.


This piece holds strong visual markers that the mind desperately wants to believe is reality, enhanced by intricate details and vivid light and dimension. With this, Void blurs the line between dream and reality, as the nightmarish figure maintains eye contact with its audience.

Capaz las Capas se me Escapan (Maybe the Layers Escape Me), Frenetik Void, 2020

Art courtesy Frenetik Void