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The Gamification of Art

Panel conversation on the Gamification of Art during CADAF Online 2020

Speakers: Fanny Lakoubay - COO at CADAF (Contemporary & Digital Art Fair) Sylvain Levy Founder of the DSL Collection, Boris Magrini Curator at HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel). Moderated by Serena Tabacchi, MoCDA (Museum of Contemporary Digital Art)

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Digital Art & Copyright

Panel discussion during CADAF Online 2020 on the subject of Copyright for digital assets: what are the challenges and best practice on the management of copyright and royalties of digital art.

Speakers: Cynthia Gayton, Attorney, Dominic Perini, CTO MoCDA,, Mark Waugh, Director Business Development DACS


Online Art Viewing Is Finally Being Embraced — But Does That Make

It More Accessible?

By Chloë DiamondSerena Tabacchi and Stina Gustafsson

Isolation has taught many of us that the role of the internet and digital spaces is paramount to staying connected to our lives and loved ones. With this, many are working hard to provide inspiration or solace online, with entire art collections now available at our fingertips, regardless of our location, budget, or time zone. [...]

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When Museums Reopen, Will Their

Form and Function Have Changed?

By Chloë DiamondSerena Tabacchi and Stina Gustafsson

When asked to picture a museum, it’s likely that you will imagine a building full of various objects and artifacts displayed on white walls and in glass cases. The dominance of the physicality of such a space—the building—and the established methods of looking and behaving in these kinds of places are clear and remain at the forefront of what defines a museum, perhaps even more so than the “what” or “why” of their contents. [...]

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Curating Digital Art in URL

By Chiara Braidotti, Eleonora Brizi and

Serena Tabacchi

Curation in digital art has lately been experiencing a big switch. If we consider crypto art, specifically, we would notice that things have been changing rapidly over the past two years. In the beginning, curation wasn’t necessarily seen as a good tool by the crypto art community, since the peer-to-peer kind of relationship that the space aims to create – between the artists and the other actors of the art world – doesn’t include the option of having intermediaries, a category the role of curation belongs to. 


CRYPTO ART: the secondary market

By Eleonora Brizi

On may 16th, 2020, the art piece by Hackatao I've Got the Power, tokenized on SuperRare, was acquired in the secondary market for Eth 45, an equivalent of $9,000. The market history of this art piece is fascinating. Sold one year ago directly by the artists duo to the collector Blockchainbrett at the price of Eth 1.5 ($450), the work got resold three months ago to a new collector, Ethsquiat, for the amount of Eth 5.25 ($1,135).

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Talking Transparency: Blockchain Technology

Art + Fintech 2.0 webinar series on the Art Market, Global Economy and Information Transparency

We are discussing AIS: Art Identification Standard, a new force in identification. How can AIS help digital integration and establish greater data trust?


Digitalizzazione e Musei:

Art Nomade Milan (ITA)

By Elisabetta Roncati

In questi mesi non si è fatto altro che parlare di realtà virtuale e Musei, di digitalizzazione delle visite per sopperire alla chiusura forzata dei luoghi di cultura, causata dall’emergenza sanitaria globale.

In realtà qualcuno si era già rivolto al mondo dell’online in tempi non sospetti…



contemporary art fair for everyone interested in the art market


Panel discussions, interviews and individual presentations by leading representatives of the Russian and international art world on topics relating to new models of art business and art promotion. In this panel we are discussing digital art collecting and how to exhibit art in virtual viewing rooms. In conversation with CADAF, MoCDA and the Lumen Prize


Featured artworks & guest editors 

By Serena Tabacchi fro KnownOrigin art platform

KnownOrigin launched in 2018 and began with a small collective of artists showcasing their digital artwork. The ‘featured artworks’ will be a series of 6 artworks and will work differently to the rest of the gallery. This collection will be put together by guest editors who will be notable people from the art, gallery and crypto scene.


What Is It Like To Be a CEO & Co-Founder of A Creative Business? 

By Anthea Wong

In this interview, we invited CEO and Founder of MoCDA, Serena Tabacchi for a chit chat. Serena discusses the founding of her business, Museum of Contemporary Digital Art and how she maintains a work well-balance between her own business and part time job.


Random Access, Tate Modern

Blavatnik Building, Level 6

Worldwide FM respond to Nam June Paik’s Random Access. Hear from sound artist Rebekah Ubuntu, Goldsmiths' Dr Holly Rogers and artist Robbie Barrat. Alongside a panel exploring art and tech futures, The Museum of Contemporary Digital Arts will present video work from Robbie Barrat and an interactive collage from DADA.Art collective. 

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DADA at Tate Late

Presented by MoCDA

Isolation has taught many of us that the role of the internet and digital spaces is paramount to staying connected to our lives and loved ones. With this, many are working hard to provide inspiration or solace online, with entire art collections now available at our fingertips, regardless of our location, budget, or time zone...


Curators’ Foreword

By MoCDA Curators, Stina Gustafsson and Serena Tabacchi 

In light of the second CADAF, MoCDA has been asked by the team behind the fair to participate in the curatorial effort. We are honored to help drive and develop the market for digital and new media art and open it up to new paths.

Art Exhibits in the 21st Century New Mod

Art Exhibits in the 21st Century:

New Models

New immersive technologies allow for new ways to discover, interact and consume art. We’ll discuss how the market and the artists are adapting to these new models. Speakers: Raina Mehler, Media Arts Director at Pace Gallery, Marc Billings, Founder and CEO at BlackDove, Daria Kravchuk, Curator at .ART, Jessica Gallucci, Associate Curator at Mana Contemporary, Julie Gratz, ARtist and Director/Founder of Kaleida Studio. Moderated by: Serena Tabacchi, Founder of MoCDA


How Can International Artists

Benefit from Technology?

For the first time, blockchain and new technology have created a new path for artist royalties. This can also mean a sustainable ecosystem for artists who cannot work internationally due to sanctions or foreign conflicts. Our panel of experts will explain how technology can create better opportunities for artists who have limited space to create. Speakers:Judy Mam, co-founder of,Nicole Martinez, Museum of Art and Design at MDC, Lindsay Moroney, COO at ArtorySerena Tabacchi, founder of MoCDA. Moderated by Mary von Aue, Editorial Director, THE OBSERVER


On Algorithm

by Dominic Perini 

As we advance into the unknown and uncharted territory that is the modelling of an algorithmic correspondent to the conscious part of our mind, we have a number of observations to make. So far we have proceeded mainly with a rigid logical model which requires that the production of algo-rithms follows some schemas defined within the context of a variety of programming languages. [...]

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10th NFT London meetup at Bloomsbury Gallery 

Crypto Art: the digital renaissance  exhibition curated by Sasha Bailey at Blockchain Art Exchange included some of the most representative crypto and digital artists from the UK and international art scene. We hosted an art panel with artists VESATom Badley Lans King and Jonathan Hillson


Virtual Rare Art Festival 

We took part to the RareAF virtual event: a community for unique adventures in virtual reality. We will gather in various places throughout the Metaverse to celebrate all kinds of art. No matter where you happen to be, you’re more than welcome to participate in this event. How to actually contribute is your choice. Share thoughts and feelings, discover new ideas, connect with people, and learn from every opportunity.


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Live art talk with artists 

Isa Kost, Serste and Mlibty (ITA)

In occasione del Virtual Rare Art Festival edizione 2020 interamente online, ci colleghiamo con alcuni degli artisti piu' attivi sulla piattaforma dove l'arte si crea in collaborazione con altri creativi in tutto il mondo. Si parla di narrativa, arte digitale e sperimentazione.


Setting Standards: Consensus and Experimentation in Art Identification 

With multiple solutions to identify artworks and describe associated provenance, inefficiencies and unsustainable practices abound across the art world. Duplication of efforts, incompatibility across systems and loss or distortion of information are some of the key pitfalls. The Art Identification Standard (AIS) consortium was born out of this vision: to build an industry wide standard for artwork identification.


Women in Blockchain Series

The Blockchain Game Alliance is happy to invite you to participate to our online conference How to be Successful in Blockchain Gaming happening on June 4th, 2020. This event will be led by 100% women speakers! This event aims to show Blockchain Gaming, NFTs, and Digital Art (a world widely believed as mostly dominated by men) as an inclusive industry where women can be empowered through entrepreneurship and true ownership.

Art & Tech Blog 
A digital art gallery on Ethereum inspir

A Digital Art Gallery on Ethereum Inspired by SuperRare

by Dominic Perini 

In this workshop MoCDALab highlights the following topics: introduction of the Remix IDE, handling of NFTs, use of the OpenZeppelin smart contracts libraries, implementation of sales, implementation of an auction, and the introduction of a secondary market trading with royalties paid to the authors. All is emulated and self contained in the browser. The workshop material is located at this address Join the Tweet to ask questions

NFTS, Art and Collectibles in Blockchain

NFTs, Art and Collectibles in Blockchain Games #1


Art, Gaming & Collectibles Panel #1 during CADAF Online 2020

Speakers: Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder & COO The Sandbox Alex Atallah, Co-Founder & CTO of OpenSea Leandro Bellone, Co-Founder of CryptoMotors Artur Sychov, Founder & CEO Somnium Space Moderated by Serena Tabacchi, Co-Founder & CEO MoCDA

NFTs , Art and Collectibles in Blockchai

NFTs, Art and Collectibles in Blockchain Games #2

Art, Gaming & Collectibles Panel #2 during CADAF Online 2020

Speakers: Ghislaine Boddington, Creative Director Body Data Space Deen Atger, Creative Producer & Curator Alegria H. PixelChain, $Whale Token Drew Harding, The Metafactory Steve Wand, Co-owner of GameCredits & Co-founder of Digitible George Tsagkarakis, Founder of Moderated by Serena Tabacchi, Co-Founder & CEO MoCDA

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Smart Contracts - How To Deliver Automated Interoperability

by Dominic Perini and Michael Jaiyeola

Following the excitement that has surrounded the innovation progressively introduced into the blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) space, we wanted to provide an overview of the automation known as smart contracts.

While there are various aspects of smart contracts which are of great potential benefit, with the technology still being relatively young, there are certain challenges of which to be aware. 


How to Build Systems that Scale?

by Dominic Perini 

Talk at Barclays Rise London where our co-founder and CTO Dominic Perini represented Erlang Solutions on the subject of designing systems that scale.

The first few slides introduce the stakeholders/personae likely to affect your decisions. Then the talk progresses through data distribution strategies, network topology, retries based failure mitigation, consistency, concurrency and consensus approaches.

Blockchain NoBrainers Ownership in the D

Blockchain No-Brainers: 

Ownership in the Digital Era

by Dominic Perini 

Seven months of intense activity have passed since the release of Blockchain 2018 Myth vs. Reality article. As a follow-up to that blog post, I would like to take the opportunity to analyse in further detail the impact that this new technology has on our perceptions of asset ownership and value, how we are continuously exploring new forms of transactional automation and then conclude with the challenge to deliver safe and fair governance.


Blockchain 2018: Myths vs Reality

by Dominic Perini 

After a successful year of involvement in a variety of blockchain projects, I felt it healthy to take a step back and observe the emerging trends in this nascent (but still multi billion dollar) industry and question whether some of the directions taken so far are sensible or whether any corrections are necessary. I will provide a ‘snapshot’ of the state of advancement of the blockchain technology, describing the strengths and weaknesses of the solutions that have emerged so far, without proposing innovations at this stage (those ideas will form the subject of future blog posts).