DO NOT TOUCH is a group show featuring works by contemporary artists who map the tactile and the different emotions it can trigger, from sensuality to pain, from joy to anger or fear.


Composed of three sections and displayed in the MoCDA - Museum of Contemporary Digital Art’s virtual venue in Decentraland, the show takes the metaverse as a materially detached space where it is safe to discuss the many realities of the palpable. We will think of how we relate to physical feelings and ponder a dialogue between human and post-human conditions.


“The exhibition focuses on material behaviours. Skin acts as a semi-permeable and sensory feature. It appears as a boundary, a space for connection and a sensor through which we interact for better or worse. In doing so, the show ponders a dialogue between human and post-human conditions; understanding and valuing different levels of mediation might be central to bringing touch back to the foreground of our everyday life and seeing the complementarity of tactile expressions online and off. ”


Marie Chatel, MoCDA


Curated by: Marie Chatel and Filippo Lorenzin

In collaboration with Decentraland University

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About the artists

Sasha Katz is a Russian-born 3D artist based in Athens. Central to her works is the depiction of female sensuality, asserting bodies’ perfection in being imperfect. Stepping away from the curated representation of selves, she portrays figures that look like us, revealing the beauty of human interactions, delicate tenderness and physical fragility. Sasha has notably collaborated with Laura Strambi, Vogue Talents and Burberry and presented her works in the metaverse with exhibitions such as Ape Stage Capitalism and Felt zine’s Principia Discordia, as well as international shows at Art Basel Miami (US), pal project (FR), and the Francisco Carolinum Linz (AT).

Baron Lanteigne is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the imbrications of real and virtual realities through screen portals. Minding the connections between software and hardware, data and its technological infrastructures, he explores the meaning of digital materiality. Baron Lanteigne has had solo shows with Annka Kultys Gallery (UK) and Art Mur (CA) and exhibited at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris and the Ludwig Museum in Budapest (HU). He also participated in diverse digital art festivals, notably The Wrong Biennale (online), Les Garages Numériques (BE), Mapping Festival (CH), Mirage Festival (FR), Vector Festival (CA), Dutch Design Week (NL), SONAR+D (ES), CuVo Video Art Festival (ES), Electrofringe (AU), and CPH:DOX (DK).

Martina Menegon is an Italian artist working predominantly with interactive and extended reality art. Her works create intimate and complex assemblages of physical and virtual elements that explore the contemporary self and its phygital corporeality. Martina has been exhibited online and internationally in festivals, galleries and institutions such as MAK Museum of Applied Arts Vienna (AT), NRW-Forum Düsseldorf (DE), Roehrs & Boetsch (CH), Les Rencontres d’Arles (FR), Kunstraum Niederoesterreich (AT), FILE Festival (BR), WRO Biennale (PL), Parallel Vienna (AT), Virginia Bianchi Gallery (IT), and HeK - House of Electronic Arts (CH). Since 2020, Martina has been Vice Director and Curator at the CIVA Festival for New Media Art. Teaching since 2011, she is also a senior artist and lecturer in the Department of Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.