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Digital Bodies 
Concerning Bodily Structures

Curators note


Within the digital realm, the body becomes something we can no longer touch or feel. Often, it stands detached from our actions, forcing us into new ways of associating, observing, and thinking about the body and its relationship to space.


The human body has dominated artistic visions for centuries. With the emergence of new digital instruments comes new ways of exploring what role the body plays in both physical and virtual environments. Fluid boundaries where we alternate between our real and virtual lives imply that our understanding of the body is detached and outdated.


In this exhibition, MoCDA presents artworks that challenge existing notions of the body by exploring the ways in which they are represented across media and how the representation has evolved within a digital sphere.


In the first collaboration between the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art and the DSL Collection, presented for CADAF Online 2020, MoCDA seeks to examine the bodily structures that are increasingly challenged and questioned as our daily life is transported, shaped, and augmented by digital technologies.


Participating artists in alphabetical order:

Cao Fei, Damjanksi, Frenetik Void, Hackatao, Hu Weiyi, Joanne Hastie, Lin Tianmiao, Maurice Benayoun, Miao Xiaochun, Skygolpe, The Fabricant, Travis LeRoy Southworth, and Twistedsister.



Art courtesy of the artist and from the DSL Collection and KnowOrigin 

Curators: Stina Gustafsson, Chloe Diamond, Serena Tabacchi and Marie Chatel

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