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Concerning Bodily Structures

Nude study 54



Nude study 54, Damjanski

In [Nude study 54], Damjanski explores possible futures in a world deprived of people yet bearing the weight of a past civilisation. Using his Bye Bye Camera application as an artistic tool, he observes his surroundings while erasing people's presence. But beyond appearances, people are neither here nor gone. The artist's presence is tangible as he acts for capturing these augmented photographs. Likewise, the AI tool detects body shapes but fails to assess shadows. The result is a digitally-enhanced reality where humans stand at the verge of presence and absence, somewhere between the physical and the immaterial.

Damjanski is a contemporary Yugoslavian artist living in a browser. Concerned with themes of power, poetry and participation, he integrates field research into an exploration of illogical connections in everyday life. "Someone came by and asked me why? I answered why not? The person looked at me confused which made me a little worried and I so also became confused." Born in Sarajevo (B&H), he grew up in Hamburg amongst everything topical and is now based in New York. Searching for decision spots of wonder and unlearning his conceptual work draws on the idea of the collective. "We kept staring at each other for quite a while. Then I thought of talking about my continuing investigation of black box approaches in our everyday lives." Damjanski is a co-founder and member of the artist collective Do Something Good, which focuses on realizing interactive experiences that arise at the cross section of art and technology. In 2018, Do Something Good launched the MoMAR art project, a gallery concept aimed at democratizing physical exhibition spaces, art institutions and curatorial processes within New York’s Museum of Modern Art. His interactive installations, browser based art, and web-based applications deploy solutionism to unveil screen structures of the present. In July 2019, his latest piece “Bye Bye Camera”, a camera application for the post-human era which erases human motifs from everyday photography, was published. "Suddenly, I felt less confused. Yet, I was still staring."


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Nude study 54, gif, Damjanski 2020

Art courtesy: Damjanski