About the artist

Federico Clapis (born on 4th April 1987 in Milan) is a contemporary Italian artist. He has developed his career in a unique way, opening new itineraries and horizons in the art world.


For years, Clapis worked “undercover” producing viral videos on social networks and accumulating millions of followers and views.


In 2015, at the height of his popularity, he decided to move away from pure entertainment and converted his online presence into a tool for the dissemination of his artistic works previously kept hidden.


In 2010, he began a long inner journey to explore the most intimate conditions of the human soul, living in an ashram in India and continuing his research in the West through various existential paths.


Clapis lives his art as a materialization of his experiences, and as a medium of introspection to share with his followers.

Technology, a recurring theme in his most famous artworks, is a metaphor for the contemporary to explore our timeless emotional states.


In 2021 he took his first steps into the world of cryptoart, where his knowledge of the digital medium allowed him to quickly position himself among the world’s leading artists in this new and radical form of art.


NFTs, sculptures, installations and video art become vehicles of a more profound adventure, to discover the shared interiority between the artist and the observer.

About the exhibition

The intimate environment created to host the first Clapis retrospective in virtual reality was born out of the artist’s desire to connect his audience to his collection, creating a safe space for the artist and the viewers to connect with Federico’s works.


What this show may evoke is yet to be defined and it may as well remain unknown. The field we are entering is immaterial and illogical. A stream of consciousness manifested in casted shapes and digital universes.


This retrospective explores the endless connections between humans and technology. Every work in this collection is in communication with the observer, offering an effortless view on the alterations we experience in the present and project into the future.

“If our augmented perceptions are created by our senses, like a dream we experience with open eyes, I suggest you get close to each work, listen with open heart and get lost in the story of each character. You may recognise yourself in their stories.”


An interactive performance will take place in the Clapis Museum during the opening of the show. A number of objects will be placed in the space for the audience and the artist to play with and create. Every item in this selection has been carefully chosen by the artist and is representative of the mood of this show. Use with care and let your inner self take over your rational mind.


Take part in an interactive experiment in collaboration with Federico Clapis.


Curated by: Serena Tabacchi

In collaboration with: MoCDA, Museum of Contemporary Digital Art

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