Digital Bodies 
Concerning Bodily Structures

Give Me a Kiss

Cao Fei

Give me a kiss, Cao Fei

The main subject of Give Me a Kiss - the dancing man - seems to be isolated from the world around him despite his placement in the centre of the city. His actions, in which he dances, smiles, and gestures towards the people passing by, indicate a moment frozen in time, further emphasised by the use of black and white film and old music.

His physical existence is felt through movement, expression, and emotion, but is met with resistance from his environment, suggesting that the world he finds himself if no longer has room for him, neither physically nor spiritually.


The physical interactions and experiences shared between people, which Fei essentialises through dance, are being slowly engulfed by the rapid urbanisation of space and culture. Small spaces within the city are being replaced with crowded buildings and communities are replaced with anonymity, indicating that spaces of coexistence in a physical realm are no longer guaranteed.

Exhibiting Give Me a Kiss online offers an extension to the physical spaces it depicts and further echoes the new ways in which we seek to find a space for ourselves, both in digital and physical realms.

Give Me a Kiss, Cao Fei 2002

Medium: Video

Art courtesy: DSL Collection