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3D models and AR works





With her series of 3D-scan selfies ‘Untouched’,  Martina Menegon engages in an intimate process with her physical body, where she extends its reality to the digital sphere. Her poses  translate into virtual sculptures whose glitches  and flaws reveal the data lost as she records  her body in movement. Despite their partiality  and abstraction, these digital renditions of herself retain authenticity. They show her physical body « as is » without any retouching and  change its context from a personal setting IRL  to other virtual ones. 

‘Untouched’ holds a performative nature and  allows the artist to connect with her physical  body at fixed times. The performative aspect  of the work also extends to viewers whom the  artist invites to manipulate the virtual sculptures through augmented reality.

Other Artworks


(Do Not) Touch

Do Not Touch is a group show curated by Marie Chatel and Filippo Lorenzin. Opened in Decentraland, the exhibition features works created by Martina Menegon, Baron Lanteigne and Sasha Katz.

(Do Not) Touch


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