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Run. Time

Anna Mutschlechner-Dean works with an interdisciplinary approach that primarily uses and combines digital and  performative practices. She deals with cognitive phenomena, questions of human identity and the individual perception of reality through external imprints, social structures and digital components. Exploring the influence of  external factors on human consciousness and behavioral patterns, she presents phenomenological and existential  reflections of both the natural and constructed environment. She refers to various forms of life and the knowledge  derived from them, which is adopted by society. Her research examines the connection between the individual and  their external context, as well as technological and scientific developments that intervene in and reshape human  cognition.

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Digital Summer Show 2022

Organised in collaboration with international art schools and universities, Digital Summer Show celebrates the diversity and energy of talented artists from all over the world while promoting new perspectives on digital creativity.

Digital Summer Show 2022

Run. Time

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