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Photo/Sound Installation, Video




Pose Sittings

In Pose Sittings, the bodies of seventeen people from various ages, body types and professions adopt seven bodybuilding postures. The series examines the act of posing and the obsession with self-image promoted within certain digital  culture communities. The need for uniformity, the ideal model and the obsession with the personal view that we have  of ourselves seems to be the main goal that gets adopted within digital communities to pump up popularity and likes.  Danceavatar questions the concept of “normality” while suggesting that such ordinariness can be an uncomfortable  image that is forced upon users.

Other Artworks


Memento Minti

Memento Minti is a group show curated by Filippo Lorenzin featuring works by Nicolas Sassoon, Sasha Stiles, Jisu Choe, Silvio Lorusso and Dancevatar, artists who have been exploring the thin line between self-promotion and survival strategy concerning the online presence of artists and creatives making and releasing digital art.

Memento Minti

Pose Sittings

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