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Kill Bill Vol. 1

Pia Bertola and Laila Ines Liokouras’ work has been centered around a long term project that yielded a book, detailing  three series of works, and a nearly five month long research study. Creative censorship: The ethical dilemmas of film  and media censorship among streaming platforms is an exploration of the bounds of modern day data sharing, and  the extent to which one should be responsible for their own media consumption. Their final book details the practical  and theoretical research conducted in determining and answering the question; should film and amateur video media on the internet be censored through self-regulation or by organizational powers? Kill Bill Vol. 1 is a work from their  first series, To Destroy The Image, which revealed how distorted replication could cause organic censorship.

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Digital Summer Show 2022

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Digital Summer Show 2022

Kill Bill Vol. 1

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