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Generated Petals Interpolation

Sixteen workers, stationed in the former Bell Labs, were directed to dissect dozens of roses with the purpose of selecting and photographing 100,000 individual petals. Generated Petals Interpolation depicts AI-generated rose petals derived from the database created by those real petals. The algorithm strips the petals down to their native traits, like colour and shape, in order to build new petals with these fundamental building blocks. The origin of this database is captured in the associated work Cloud of Petals, a film which documents the process by which the roses are translated into, and therefore preserved eternally as, digital images and data.

In part a commentary on the tension between ephemerality and permanence within natural and digital realms, Meyohas subverts the evolutionary selective process by rapidly upscaling it through the use of AI technologies, ultimately showing its malleability in the face of human intervention.

A dedicated screening event will be organised as part of the Not Only RGB programme to watch the film Cloud of Petals.

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Not Only RGB

Not Only RGB is a group show curated by Chiara Braidotti and Sia Pineschi. Supported by Decentraland DAO, Not Only RGB features works created by Kevin Abosch, Matt Kane, 38‰ (Mattia Cuttini and Luca Donno), Sarah Meyohas and Mathieu Merlet-Briand.

Not Only RGB

Generated Petals Interpolation

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