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Oil pastel on paper, rendered as hi-res jpeg




Cursive Binary: Cogito ergo sumthing.

"Fusing binary code with scrawling handwritten script, Cursive Binary is a proposed language invented by poet and artist Sasha Stiles, offered as a mode of transhuman connection and communication here at the dawn of the Novacene era.

This piece was created for "MEMENTO MINTI - If you stop contributing, you will be forgotten," a 2022 group show at the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art. Curated by Filippo Lorenzin and Marie Chatel, this exhibition explores the thin line between self-promotion and survival strategy in the making and sharing of digital art." (Sasha Stiles)


Last update on 06-01-2023

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Memento Minti

Memento Minti is a group show curated by Filippo Lorenzin featuring works by Nicolas Sassoon, Sasha Stiles, Jisu Choe, Silvio Lorusso and Dancevatar, artists who have been exploring the thin line between self-promotion and survival strategy concerning the online presence of artists and creatives making and releasing digital art.

Memento Minti

Cursive Binary: Cogito ergo sumthing.

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