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Art and The Screen

Early 2022, when Jerry Zhao took a post-photographic imaging class, he fell in love with the realm of 3D after losing  interest in photography. His works incorporate his lived experiences, resulting in diary-like personal commentary that  helps him understand the world. Since he’s in school, his work orbits around ideas that arise in classes. In ‘Art and the  Screen’, Zhao focuses on his takeaways from his Art History and 3D imaging classes like: ‘What does art look like?’  or ‘How does past art influence the future?’ “Personally, I see art as an all-consuming body of water that lives in a liminal space now heavily occupied by the  digital.” Art and the Screen shows the artist’s imagination of classical sculptures’ absorptions into the collective database of art, visualized as a floating decapitated cyborg head.”

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Digital Summer Show 2022

Organised in collaboration with international art schools and universities, Digital Summer Show celebrates the diversity and energy of talented artists from all over the world while promoting new perspectives on digital creativity.

Digital Summer Show 2022

Art and The Screen

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