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Renderfruit aka Clara Luzian is an Argentinian artist. Trained as a graphic designer, Renderfruit works with 3D animation to create surreal and poetic spaces. She explores human emotions from dark and ominous moments to cheerful and delicate ones, expressing our unstable realities.

Last update on 10-03-2023

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Featured Artworks


"Anesthesia" is a collection of works inspired by one of the most intimate and exposing  moments you can ever experience created by Renderfruit.

"Each intervention leaves scars forever. The body -flesh and soul- is no longer the original creation it was born in." The four pieces  transport us into the (un)conscious world of anesthesia and induce the show's narrative. With "Anesthesia", Renderfruit represents a moment of extreme intimacy and exposure. While a person reaches a dreamy and otherworldly level of consciousness and peace, their body lies down, restless, its flesh cut open, and dependent on surgeons to hold on. Soothing and exhilarating, surgery comes here as a moment of tremendous solicitation that affects both body and mind, altering our sense of self irrevocably.

(Marie Chatel, curator)



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