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Mathieu Merlet-Briand

Digital native and coming from a farming family, Mathieu is interested in the influence of technology on the perception of our contemporary reality. He questions the internet materiality and its representations. It seeks to translate the spiritual experience of the internet user, the imagination of the surfer facing this endless flow of information. 

In his projects recurrently emerges environmental issues (see his solo-show "#iceberg" 2017, "Environment" 2017) also, inspired by the reading of the philosophical essay of Ariel Kyrou "Google God" 2010, he questions this almost divine image associated with the giants of the web (see the exhibition "non-site" for the Dauphine Prize for Contemporary Art 2016).

He uses as medium the big datas. Through his algorithms that he develops, through recycling processes and analogies to nature, he shapes data flows in order to create tangible materializations. Abstractions, relics, crystallizations or fragment of the World Wide Web, his protean work materializes mainly in sculptures and multimedia installations.

Influenced as much by the history of abstraction, the artists of Land Art, as the New Realists, his creations are associated with Digital Culture, the movement Post-Digital or Post-Internet Art.

Last update on 10-03-2023

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Paris, 1990


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