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TwoFiveEye Multi Pillars

Stefan Stignei

TwoFiveEye Multi Pillars, Stefan Stignei

TwoFiveEye Multi Pillars, Stefan Stignei, 2019

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blue dot

Series: Structure from Chaos. 25i Oozing out the center of chaos, comes structure from the four pillars of existence. Harmoniously intertwined together, each with their own origin story. Aware of one another's presence, they all collaborate to create something unique to our existence.

Stefan Stignei

I love how this looks and feels. Like a plush Rorschach test.

Judy Mam

Andy Warhol


Andy Warhol, Hackatao

Andy Warhol, Hackatao, 2018

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I love Pop Art and You?



With its captivating intermittence and straightforward message, "Andy Warhol" can be seen as a statement on Hackatao's production, and it is still used as the duo's profile image on SuperRare, which they joined early on. Simple and yet detailed, perfectly symbolic of their love for Pop Art, the work is a sort of contemporary animation of a series of silkscreen prints by Warhol himself, perfectly transposed in their own, distinct style. The GIF's caption directly addresses the viewer, showing how Hackatao's attentive observation of pop culture invites the public to respond with the same attention.

Chiara Braidotti