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Learning Nature (b37,3092,11)

David Young

Learning Nature (b37,3092,11), David You

Learning Nature (b37,3092,11), David Young, 2018

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blue dot

AI artwork generated by a GAN trained on images of flowers from rural upstate New York.

David Young

The art of David Young is a mirror of and to life. This piece, as all the others from the series "Learning Nature", exists in the romanticism of being generated by nature, by the human hands and finally by fate. That factor of randomness that makes it so real, so part of this life, so slightly or very unpredictable, so perfect manifesting in the puzzle of its different roots. Isn't this beauty?

Eleonora Brizi

Satoshi Nakamoto - Decentral Eyes - Variant 03


Satoshi Nakamoto - Decentral Eyes - Variant 03, Coldie, 2019

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Who is Satoshi? Many believe Hal Finney could be Satoshi as he received the first BTC transaction from “Satoshi Nakamoto,” and was a pioneering cryptocurrency Cypherpunk who was doing this stuff WAY before BTC was even a thing. While the creator of Bitcoin remains anonymous, we must respect those fearless innovators who paved the path to decentralization. 25% of the initial sale of this artwork will be donated to ALS Research.



"Satoshi Nakamoto - Decentral Eyes - Variant 03" reflects on the identity of who developed the Bitcoin Blockchain, cleverly combining the portraits of Hal Finney and Dorian (Satoshi?) Nakamoto with the abstract of the blockchain white paper and other excerpts. As in an ultracontemporary 3D collage, incorporating text and pixelated pictures on multiple moving levels, Coldie's work suggests that cryptographic pioneer and cypherpunk activist Hal Finney might be the face behind the name of Satoshi, him being the first person to receive a bitcoin transaction.

Chiara Braidotti