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AI Generated Nude Portrait #1

Robbie Barrat

AI Generated Nude Portrait #1, Robbie Ba

AI Generated Nude Portrait #1, Robbie Barrat, 2018

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The oldest piece on SuperRare, "AI Generated Nude Portrait #1" is part of a groundbreaking series Robbie Barrat produced using neural networks. The artist trained a GAN to portray nude figures using thousands of original nude portraits as a reference; instead of producing a realistic outcome, the machine "incorrectly" interpreted the data set Barrat provided, almost developing its own vision of a human body: a collection of folds and lumps of flesh. In this case, there seems to be a relationship between the eerie subject and the background, the work somewhat holding an echo of Daliesque tumultuous dreams.

Chiara Braidotti


The one below I simply chose because it comes up as the oldest piece on SuperRare.

Stina Gustafsson

Breaking Out

Ophelia Fu

Breaking Out, Ophelia Fu

Breaking Out, Ophelia Fu, 2019

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An animated gif created using digital adaptations of the artist's original ink drawings and photograph.

Ophelia Fu


Nature is a recurring subject in AI art. This landscape is how an AI would picture nature. It is an encounter between a human eye and a blurry generated reproduction of reality. What we are looking at doesn't want to be mimesis of the real world, instead it exists in its own world. As Young says "We know that there's not a human intelligence in the code, but still we anthropomorphize." Ophelia Fu has her own very style. It's elegant and intrusive. In this work, Ophelia animates some static art she previously made - the unexpected breaking out of this round shape form its core it is surprisingly comforting.

Serena Tabacchi