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Ab Uno Ad Unum


Ab Uno Ad Unum, Hackatao

Ab Uno Ad Unum, Hackatao, 2019

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Psycho fluctuations on details. An alchemical journey into our art, capturing cryptic meanings.


From a burning phoenix to a grinning Cheshire cat, from arcane Latin words to obscure numbers and signs, "Ab Uno Ad Unum" is Hackatao's own, deserved homage to the most intricate and enigmatic aspects of their production. "An alchemical journey into our art, capturing cryptic meanings," as they declare in the caption, this work is actually just the keyhole through which to peer at another dimension, an "elsewhere" pullulating inquisitive creatures engaging the viewer's eye with countless questions.


Chiara Braidotti


Anna Louise Simpson

MODERN LOVE, Anna Louise Simpson

MODERN LOVE, Anna Louise Simpson, 2019

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blue dot

Pink and blue shadows

Miss Al Simpson

When I added Miss Al Simpson’s Modern Love to my collection about one year ago I wrote that it "Reminds me of one of Richard Prince's Nurses getting enveloped by a Clyfford Still." My feelings haven't changed. There is a long history of male artists anonymizing women through abstraction but Miss Al Simpson's work is refreshing because it does this without objectification. For me, the mysterious women portrayed in works like Modern Love and The Self Isolators have deep and complex inner lives. They are to be thought about, to be reckoned with, and not just ogled as one might with say Willem de Kooning's hypersexualized Women I. As with most artists, I think Miss Al Simpson's strongest work ends with a question mark instead of a period and these two works definitely fit that description for me.

Jason R. Bailey