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AI Generated Landscape Painting #4

Robbie Barrat

AI Generated Landscape Painting #4, Robb

AI Generated Landscape Painting #4, Robbie Barrat, 2018

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Artwork generated by a GAN trained on thousands of landscape oil paintings.

Robbie Barrat


Dense, almost as material as a tightly knit tapestry, "AI Generated Landscape Painting #4" pertains to Robbie Barrat's most surreal landscapes, created by training a GAN to produce a naturalistic view using thousands of landscape oil paintings as reference. While the initial results of this experiment were mostly realistic, with a neat separation between ground and waterfronts on the bottom, trees in the middle of the image and sky on its top, in later versions the neural network gave darker, increasingly confused outcomes. As in a bird's eye view or a picture made using a macro lens, this work seems to play with light and color as identified in nature by the fresh eye of an Impressionist. Rather than producing a recognizable landscape, the machine arranges these elements in a mechanic, more abstract way instead, almost challenging the viewers to find their own interpretation of it.


Chiara Braidotti

Climate Destruction


Climate Destruction, 0xbull

Climate Destruction, X0bull, 2019

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blue dot

They cut down ancient forests and took down old villages just to excavate lignite in this open-pit coal mine. Like there aren't alternative options to gain energy. In the background you can see the plume of one of the many coal-fired power stations surrounding this 85km2, 500m deep manmade hole in the earth.


0xbull is active in the crypto art space since the beginning. He deals with environmental issues. His style is characteristic of what the crypto space likes to collect.

Fanny Lakoubay