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O snail


O Snail, hex6c

O snail, hex6c, 2018

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“O snail / Climb Mount Fuji / But slowly, slowly!” ― Kobayashi Issa. This artwork is fully determined by the haiku written by Kobayashi Issa. It is proudly part of the first Italian CryptoArt exposition (opening act 15 December 2018, Palazzo Frisacco, Tolmezzo, Carnia, Italy). This piece is also one of the first experiments of augmented reality within CryptoArt. ― Making of: read Medium post at ― Experience augmented reality: install Artivive app and hold your phone/tablet in front of the artwork.



As hex6c himself asserts, "O Snail" is completely determined by the quoted haiku by Kobayashi Issa, being the result of a balanced dialogue between human and machine. The poetic, verbal components of this work are translated into voluted visual terms by an algorithm designed by the artist, creating a delicate interplay between chromatic lines, layers of interpretation, and trails to be traced or followed over time - but slowly. 

Chiara Braidotti

Millennial Ambition

Rah Crawford

Millennial Ambition, Rah Crawford
blue dot

Millenial Ambition, Rah Crawford, 2018

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(2018) New works by Rah Crawford created during his current NEO NOW period. This image is 1 of 3 digital paintings which are the artist’s first crypto art works.

Rah Crawford

Rah Crawford's "Millennial Ambition" is the good version of the American ads from the 1950s. Like an advertisement for the future, between technology and computer colors: the one of xennials is the generation with analog childhood and digital adulthood. But Xennial also means hospitable, welcoming. Towards strangers and guests. Towards aliens and cosmopolites. Globally, together, through technology. 

Eleonora Brizi