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RSF-2-008 Lo Strappo 1 di 3

Mattia Cuttini

Lo Strappo, Mattia Cuttini

RSF-2-008 Lo Strappo 1 di 3, Mattia Cuttini, 2019

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"Lo strappo" means "the rip" in Italian. Handmade process, rubber stamps with ink on paper, digitized. I've personally produced the stamps, the system for this process and finally digitized and tokenized. From analog to digital.

Mattia Cuttini

From an extraordinarily creative, energetic and positively engaging member of the community, a visceral vision hand-printed on paper with rubber stamps made by the artist himself. While somewhat reminiscent of a wound or a chasm, Mattia Cuttini's "Lo strappo" (the rip) can be seen as a witty reference to glitch and pixel art - or the gateway to an animated elsewhere.

Chiara Braidotti


Adrien Le Falher


00e3f7f7f4f1c100_28eb1ffec3368a90ebf5b26461dbdbb4,  Adrien Le Falher, 2018

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blue dot

Part of the Hash collection, this artwork was created by a series of specialized AI written by the artist to be able to learn from art history but create something NEW, instead of a copy of what existed before. Through learning texture and colours rather than shapes and objects, it creates abstract art that is both unique and emotional. It even makes a last selection after creating art, only deciding to display the most original pieces.

Adrien Le Falher

Le Falher emphasises the tension between the human artist and the machine, working as a collaboration through iteration and feedback. This work is visually striking, and makes links to the traditional art historical canon arguably making it more accessible.

Chloe Diamond