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λίμνη Στύγα (Lake of Styx)

Bård Ionson

λίμνη Στύγα (Lake of Styx), Bård Ionso

λίμνη Στύγα (Lake of Styx), Bård Ionson, 2019

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blue dot

"Where the five rivers of Hades converge. Sometimes known as the Acherusian Lake or the stygian marsh. Some stories say there are souls who dwell in its waters. Made using and Robbie Barrat portrait model retrained with images from politics. Who can you see in there? See more at

Bård Ionson

In this work we see a flux of colors and soft moving images or, to be more specific, a complexity of images. The layers of these work bring a dense meaning to the viewer. As the artist states about the work: some stories say there are souls who dwell in its waters. The water is a metaphor to express the many layers of trained GANs used to create this work. It is fascinating how the artist pays a tribute to Robbie Barrat and his portrait model. The adding of images from politics makes the whole experiment connected to the real world. The viewer is left in front of a mystical maze, a place to witness or enter at their discretion.

Serena Tabacchi

hello admin pm me


hello admin pm me, XCOPY

hello admin pm me, XCOPY, 2019

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Known for its dankness, its ability to captivate everyone's gaze with a combination of striking, distinct style, and a punch line as title or caption, XCOPY's work poses the immediacy and roughness of glitch aesthetic at the service of sociopolitical critique. In "hello admin pm me," the viewer is once more confronted with one of the disturbing/disturbed characters the artist portrays, ending up being captured by the subtle play between the welcoming word "hello" and the subject's minacious look.

Chiara Braidotti