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AI Generated Nude Portrait #5

Robbie Barrat

AI Generated Nude Portrait #5, Robbie Ba

AI Generated Nude Portrait #5, Robbie Barrat, 2018

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Artwork generated by a GAN trained on thousands of nude portrait oil paintings.

Robbie Barrat

As the title itself indicates, "AI Generated Nude Portrait #5" is part of Robbie Barrat's series of GAN-generated portraits of nude figures and among the first works ever tokenized on SuperRare. According to the artist, what is really fascinating about neural networks is how they can "misinterpret" (or possibly reinterpret?) human inputs as the reference images they are given, leading to unprecedented outcomes for the beholder to get lost into. In this work, if one wishes to delve deeper into the subject, there seems to be a plurality of uncanny figures subtly resonating with a bell-like representation of the Holy Family or the tight embrace Klimt portrayed in The Kiss.

Chiara Braidotti


Ethan Tyrer

Anacord, Ethan Tyrer

Anacord, Ethan Tyrer, 2019

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blue dot

FAR FAR AWAY // abstract digital landscapes of the subconscious - fragments of hundreds of google image search results, warped and blended into a strange dreamlike world.

Ethan Tyrer

The way this artwork was created, using a collage of fragments from google image searches is really intriguing. It creates an almost puzzle-like alternative universe, that invites the viewer to explore it in detail. I also enjoyed the abstract surreal quality it thus gets infused with.

Tom Van Avermeat

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